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Kaito - Trust Less

Artist: Kaito (a.k.a. Hiroshi Watanabe)
Album: Trust Less
Label: Kompakt
Release date: 05 Apr 2010
Genre: Dub, Ambient
Quality: 320kbps

01. And That Was The Way (Beatless Version)
02. The Breath Of Spring (Beatless Version)
03. Raibow Circles (Beatless Version)
04. Too Good To Be True (Beatless Version)
05. Nothing Could Be More Peaceful (Beatless Version)
06. Trust (Beatless Version)
07. We Are Living Here (Beatless Version)
08. It Happens Suddenly (Beatless Version)
09. Reach For Your Mind (Beatless Version)
10. And That Was The Way (Echospace Shinjuku Sedative)
11. And That Was The Way (Echospace Transcendental State) / RapidShare (part 1)
-------------- / RapidShare (part 2)

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