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Solee - Nocturnal Flowers

Artist: Solee
Album: Nocturnal Flowers
Label: Parquet Recordings
Catalog#: PARQUETCD002
Genre: Progressive House, Minimal
Release date: 29 Jan 2010
Quality: 320kbs mp3

01. Impressed
02. Different
03. Timba
04. Jule
05. Stacy Blew
06. Open Air
07. Timbabwe
08. Vegas
09. Nightball
10. Timba (Neurotron Remix)
11. Stacy Blew (James Teejs Uphill
12. Impressed (Einmusik Remix)
13. Different (Voltique Remix)
14. Timba (Solees Basement Dub)
15. Impressed (Gui Boratto Remix)
16. Jule (Pig & Dan Remix)
17. Open Air (Marascia In The Sky
18. Timba (Deep Dive Corp. Remix)
19. Impressed (Stickroth & Ercolin
20. Jule (Microdub)

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Anonymous said...

Am I doing something wrong? Those rapidsafe Rapidshare Links do not work.

Anonymous said...

same problem here, please fix it or add hotfile link!

Deep and Beat said...

Here you find hotfile and RS too.

Just click it's easy

Anonymous said...

please re upload, cant find it anywhere else

Deep and Beat said...

reupload done!

Anonymous said...

THANKS a lot!!

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