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Tom Middleton - Lifetracks (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Tom Middleton
Album: Lifetrack
Label: Six Degrees Records
Catalog#: 657036 1138-2
Genre: Soundtrack, Modern, Downtempo, Ambient
Release date: 06 Nov 2007
Quality: 320 kbs / FLAC (Lossless Audio) + CUE

01. Prana
02. Beginning Of The Middle
03. Shinkansen
04. Serendipity
05. Sea Of Glass
06. Yearning
07. Optimystic
08. St Ives Bay
09. Margherita
10. Moonbathing
11. Projection
12. Enchanting

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Anonymous said...

why do you upload so many albums as just one single mp3 file? thats too bad!

thanks for your really great blog!

Deep and Beat said...

I'll re-post this with tracked mp3 ;)

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