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Logreybeam - Rem.Rem (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Logreybeam
Album: Rem.Rem
Label: Camomille Music
Catalog#: cml002
Genre: IDM, Downtempo
Release date: Sep 2010
Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

It's All Just Another Aspect Of Mannerism Remastered
01. Premonition
02. Aspect Of Mannerism
03. Opiate Of The Masses
04. Post 'Du Mortem
05. Muado
06. Beetelguise
07. PreyWithMe
08. Somnus : Sleep
09. Untitled

It's All Just Another Aspect Of Mannerism Remixes
10. Evac's False Premonition (Remix)
11. Aspect Of Mannerism (Setzer Remix)
12. Opiate Of The Masses (Podgrinder Remix)
13. Post 'Du Mortem (Proswell Remix)
14. Muado (Sense Remix)
15. Beetelguise (Craque Orion Conjecture)
16. PreyWithMe (b0t23 Mix)
17. Somnus : Sleep (Ilkae Remix)
18. Untitled (Proem Remix)

File format: MP3 (part 1) (part 2)
RapidShare (links in the pack)

File format: FLAC (Lossless Audio) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
RapidShare (links in the pack)

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sense said...

Hello , isnt it a bit weird , since this release is actually available for FREE @ bandcamp , yet you feel the need to create seperate "hotfile" annoyingly rared and tagged mirrors of content?..

please explain.

Deep and Beat said...

I've found it, like it, share it. If somebody want to find the (net)label or the artist go ahed! There is the discogs link. You don't have to pay to download it free.

"Deep & Beat's mission is acquaint people in the world with high-quality electronic music!"

sense said...

for those things which are already available for FREE from the artist channel , dont you think its good enough just to link to that link , in your blog , instead of rapidsharing everything when it doesnt need to be.

sense said...

Artist intention is generally to have the music distributed on the terms they are agreeable to. In this sense by mirroring content already made free by the artist you attempt to remove from the artist his or her rights to choose the channels of distribution of their work. It could also be considered what you are providing in the case of mirroring existing freely available work , is a sort of "cheap immitation
" of the real originally intended work. I just wonder if you have thought about this :D ..

Deep and Beat said...

You are right. I put the original source link on the post and linked "Logreybeam" artist name to his page.

logreybeam said...


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