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Moshic - Salamat (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Mo-Shic
Album: Salamat
Label: YoYo Records
Catalog#: YOYO73
Genre: Progressive House, Downtempo, Tribal House, Ambient
Release date: 06 Feb 2006
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

01. Those Good Old Days
02. El Brujo
03. Madadayo
04. It Could Be Your Time
05. Life On The Edge
06. Primavera
07. Salamat
08. Nine Gates
09. Inside Doors
10. Come Home With Me

01. Long Desert Voyage
02. Aurora Borealis
03. Kivanlak
04. Listen To Music Forever
05. Bardo Thodol
06. Path To Light
07. The Kid, The Piano, The War
08. Drongo
09. Choice
10. Ashray
11. Dark Side Is Beauty
12. Surrealist (Walking By Myself)

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