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#1 of Top20 | Ben Klock - Berghain 04 (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Ben Klock
Album: Berghain 04
Label: Ostgut Ton
Catalog#: OSTGUTCD13
Genre: House, Techno, Minimal
Release date: 25 Jun 2010
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC

I started collecting the first exclusive tracks more than half a year before I mixed Berghain 04. I wanted to include as much exclusive or unreleased material as possible to make it different from a free download podcast. But I came across the opening track, 154's "Apricot," at the last minute. I missed it when it came out. This was actually the final piece of the puzzle, and it changed my idea for the mix.

I had always wanted to start with DVS1's "Pressure" so that the first thing you would hear on the mix was the bass drum. I didn't want to have an "intro" that puts you slowly into a certain vibe, which is so common for mix compilations. I just wanted to start directly and get straight into it. But when I listened to "Apricot," I was really touched by its beautiful ambience. I still think it was the best decision of the whole project. It starts out with a nice kind of sunrise.

I also always wanted to put an old personal classic in the mix to show where I'm coming from. Tyree's "Nuthin' Wrong" was one of the first house or techno records I ever bought and it has almost never left my bag since. That's what makes a DJ mix interesting for me: When you hear brand new stuff that you've never heard before mixed together with some old secret pearls. In the end, it's always about timeless music. It doesn't matter if the tracks are new or old.
– Ben Klock

01. Ross 154 - Apricot
02. DVS1 - Pressure
03. Junior Boys - Work (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
04. Martyn - Miniluv
05. STL - Loop 04
06. Levon Vincent - The Long Life
07. Jonas Kopp - Michigan Lake
08. Act - RoHd
09. Mikhail Breen - Veracity
10. DVS1 - Confused
11. Rolando - De Cago
12. Kevin Gorman - 7am Stepper
13. Ben Klock - Compression Session 1
14. Roman Lindau - Keppra
15. Tyree - Nuthin Wrong
16. Echologist - Dirt (Ben Klock Edit)
17. James Ruskin - Graphic
18. Ben Klock - Elfin Flight (feat. Elif Bicer)
19. Rolando - Junie

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1 comment:

Tjitse said...

Really good this one, some old skool techno sounds which appear to have been forgotten in most clubs, unfortunately...

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