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#12 of Top20 | Shackleton - Fabric 55 (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Shackleton
Album: Fabric 55
Label: Fabric
Catalog#: fabric 109
Genre: Tribal House, Abstract, Techno, Dubstep
Release date: 06 Dec 2010
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

Had it been released in the middle of the year we'd like to think that Shackleton's fabric 55 would be pushing for top honours in this list. The "piece" was arguably his most complete body of work to date. Mix decisions felt animalistic in the way he weaved unreleased material through mainstays such as "Death is Not Final" and "(No More) Negative Thoughts." Shackleton expressed reservations to us over having his "livelihood" floating around in the public domain, although we'd assert that hearing fabric 55 begs the listener to experience the thing firsthand—which can only be a good thing.
– Ryan Keeling

01. Shackleton - Come Up
02. Shackleton - Moon Over Joseph's Burial
03. Shackleton - Hypno Angel
04. Shackleton - Visontele
05. Shackleton - Interlude: Blood Rhythm With Wishy Drones
06. Shackleton - Operatic Waves
07. Shackleton - Closeness to Nature
08. Shackleton - Negative Thoughts
09. Shackleton feat. Vengeance Tenfold - Death Is Not Final
10. Shackleton - International Fires
11. Shackleton - Paper
12. Shackleton - Deadman
13. Shackleton - Interlude: Point One, Sense It
14. Shackleton - Man On A String (Part 1)
15. Shackleton - Man On A String (Part 2)
16. Shackleton - Ice
17. Shackleton - Busted Spirit
18. Shackleton - Bottles
19. Shackleton - New Dawn
20. Shackleton - Something Has Got To Give
21. Shackleton - Massacre
22. Shackleton - Stripped

File format: MP3

File format: FLAC (Lossless Audio) (part1) (part2) (part3)


Anonymous said...


I am really sorry to bother you again and again but ...
I am really looking forward to all those compilations and love your website ... but would be much more work to upload those with split tracks? I have tried it myself but without any good result.

Thank you!

Deep and Beat said...

No problem. To upload the releales (again) in splited tracks is a VERY big job!
BUT here is a little help!

Anonymous said...

Ok I see. Thanks for the hint, but I have already searched for an appropriate application for Mac OS. Do you have any idea?

Big thanks again!

Deep & Beat said...

Max OS?
No problem

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