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#5 of Top20 | Optimo (Espacio) - Fabric 52 (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Optimo (Espacio)
Album: Fabric 52
Label: Fabric
Catalog#: fabric103
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House
Release date: 10 May 2010
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

The fabric mix was the only one we've ever managed to deliver on deadline. The other ones have always been licensing nightmares. But this time, it was amazingly easy. One of the people at fabric even tracked down one of the tracks to someone who was in prison in Colombia. We made the mix with the idea that we were playing room two at the club in mind—it was perhaps way more floor-driven than our previous mixes—but I do think it kind of veered away from that by the end of the we tend to do.
– JD Twitch

01. Fad Gadget - Lady Shave
02. Discodromo - Cosmorama [Prins Thomas Discomiks]
03. Basic Channel - Q1.1
04. Spencer Parker - YOGOTO
05. Locussolus - Gunship
06. Rebolledo - Amigos Cómeme
07. The Minister - Jack Your Bodey House Your Mind
08. Altz - Get It Down!
09. Thomas Brinkmann - Walk With Me
10. Rheingold - Dreiklangsdimensionen
11. Capablanca & T Keeler - La Konk Fiesta
12. Roska - Feeline
13. Cumbia Moderna De Soledad - Shacalao
14. The Tyrell Corporation - Together Alone
15. Roni Griffith - Spys
16. Levon Vincent - Love Technique
17. Oni Ayhun - OAR003-B
18. Desire - Don't Call
19. Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
20. Matais Aguayo - Walter Neff
21. Nakion - Heartbit
22. Xex - Heartbeat

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