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#6 of Top20 | Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Frictionalism 1994-2009 (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Anthony "Shake" Shakir
Album: Frictionalism 1994-2009
Label: Rush Hour Recordings
Catalog#: RH 110 CD
Genre: House, Techno, Electro
Release date: Dec 2009
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

"A good song is what trumps it all," Anthony "Shake" Shakir told us earlier this year. 35 of his best—songs that steered through electro, hip-hop, techno, house and disco—highlighted the Detroit DJ/producer's flair for experimentation and confirmed his influence on Rush Hour's career-spanning retrospective, Frictionalism. Given electronic music's intense fetishism of the 313, it's surprising that Shake has remained on the periphery of widespread recognition for so long. The scarcity of Shake's Frictional releases have a lot to do with that. So does his wide-spanning taste. Credit Rush Hour for redressing the former and paying tribute to the latter.
– Christine Kakaire

01. Mood Swing
02. Live For Friction
03. Plugged In
04. Here, There & Nowhere
05. Arise
06. The Floor Filler
07. Happy To Be Here
08. March Into Darkness
09. Breathe Deeper
10. Electron Rider
11. Stereotype
12. Detroit State Of Mind

01. Fact Of The Matter
02. Roaming
03. One Beat (Just Won't Do)
04. Mr. Gone Is Back Again
05. Perseverence
06. ...Like A Dream
07. My Computer Is An Optimist
08. Simpatico
09. Travelers
10. Things Come & Go
11. The Fake Left, Go Right Plan

01. Assimilated
02. Spectre
03. The Other One
04. For The Lamented
05. Frictionalized
06. Lay Back (In The Cut)
07. Psychotic Tango
08. Your Little Black Robot
09. Frictional Beat No 5
10. Frenchie
11. Get A Feeling
12. Flyswatter

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