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Kaito - A Moment For The Life (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Kaito (a.k.a. Hiroshi Watanabe)
Album: A Moment For The Life
Label: Octave Lab
Catalog#: OTLCD-1186
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House, Downtempo, Tech House, Ambient
Release date: 03 Dec 2008
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

01. Scene
02. Your Brilliant Eyes
03. Color of Feels
04. Inside River
05. Beautifull Day
06. Intention Remix
07. Air Rider
08. We Are Born Here
09. Hundred Million Light Years
10. Everlasting
11. Peace of Landscape
12. Holding a Baby
13. Alive
14. Awakening
15. Soul of Heart (beatless)
16. Soul of Heart

One track + CUE
File format: MP3
RapidShare (links in the pack)

File format: FLAC (Lossless Audio) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
RapidShare (links in the pack)
Single tracks
File format: MP3
RapidShare (links in the pack)

File format: FLAC (Lossless Audio) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
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Anonymous said...

Best album EVER :p

Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks so much… this might sound ungrateful but but could you whenever possible add the actual tracks instead of one track for the whole album. If I can't finish the whole album in one piece it's hard to go back to where I left it. In any case thanks! Sharing is Caring!

Anonymous said...

Yes, single tracks would be great! Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

You could upload as one file using upto 1gb as a free user.

Anonymous said...

Use the included .cue file to break up the tracks noobs ;)

Anonymous said...

Which won't help if, for example, you have an interest in mixing the tracks.

If so, convert to WAV using dbconverter or some other transcoding program, then chop the audio using Audacity (freeware).

Deep and Beat said...

As you want tracked version also available!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you are the best! :-)

Anonymous said...

damn, really want this, any chance of a re-upload please ? all links are dead, i especially want the single track mp3 version if you wouldnt mind

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