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#19 of Top20 | Deadbeat - Radio Rothko (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Deadbeat
Album: Radio Rothko
Label: theAgriculture
Catalog#: AG052
Genre: Dub Techno
Release date: 2010
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

I started compiling my wishlist of tracks in January of 2009. I was in Australia at the time. There is a studio upstairs from a venue in Melbourne called Miss Libertines and the guys there were good enough to lock me in overnight a few times. The key parts of the mix came together during those night sessions. Give me a collection of tunes that heavy, a bottle of nice red wine and some good speakers or headphones, and I'll happily ponder my navel till kingdom come. Apparently the mix has inspired some other people to do some first class navel gazing as well which I couldn't be happier about.
– Deadbeat

01. Deadbeat - As We Conquer (09 Edit)
02. V.A. - No. 3 (Debit)
03. Deepchord - Grandbend
04. Basic Channel - Quadrant Dub I
05. Pendle Coven - Exigen
06. Deadbeat - Port Of Rix
07. MLZ - Dark Days
08. Quantec - Electromagnetic Pulse
09. Marko Furstenberg - Site 312
10. Monolake - Static
11. Deadbeat - Magnetic North
12. 2562 - Redux
13. Monolake - Sepia
14. Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive
15. Intrusion - Tswana Dub (Phase90 Restructure)
16. Mikkel Metal - Stephan
17. Maurizio - M06A
18. Substance & Vainqueur - Reverbaration
19. Deadbeat - Deep Structure

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Anonymous said...

dubtechno + flac = végtelen

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