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Desolate (a.k.a. Sven Weisemann) - The Invisible Insurrection (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Desolate (a.k.a. Sven Weisemann)
Album: The Invisible Insurrection
Label: Fauxpas Musik
Catalog#: FAUXPAS LP001
Genre: Dubstep, IDM, Downtempo, Ambient
Release date: Jan 2011
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

01. Imagination
02. Follow Suit
03. Cathartic
04. Farewell #1
05. Aviance
06. Pain
07. Divinus
08. Farewell #2
09. Escape
10. Endurance
11. In Secret

File format: MP3

File format: FLAC (Lossless Audio)

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