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Guy J - 1000 Words (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Guy J
Album: 1000 Words
Label: Bedrock Records
Catalog#: bedgj 02cd .nfo
Genre: Breaks, Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Ambient, Progressive House, Downtempo
Release date: Apr 2011
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

Guy J is one of Bedrock's more recent staples, having regularly appeared on the label since his debut in 2007. 1000 Words will be his second artist album, after 2008's Esparanza. Much like that LP, the new one is part mixed and part unmixed: the first two discs play out continuously, while the third compiles club versions of tracks from the first two. It shows the Israeli producer moving through a range of different styles, from melodic house to atmospheric downtempo, while maintaining a sense of narrative throughout. Guest appearances come from the vocalist Miriam Vega. 1000 Words will be available on vinyl as well as CD.

CD1 - Mixed
01. Intro
02. Moderate
03. Guy J & Miriam Vaga - You
04. Fall Star (Rising Mix)
05. The Right Place
06. My Organ Friend
07. Spica
8. Electric Tale
9. Lamur
10. I Lost My Head (AM Mix)
11. Stay Cow
12. Guy J & Miriam Vaga - Fly

CD2 - Mixed
01. Intro
02. Doves
03. Limbo
04. Easy As Can Be
05. My Thought Of You
06. Sahara
07. Teva
08. Guy J & Miriam Vaga - No Under But You
09. Heliscope
10. Personal Haze
11. Azimuth
12. I Lost My Head (PM Mix)
13. Whirlpool

CD3 - Unmixed Full-Length Club Mixes
01. Doves
02. Limbo
03. Easy As Can Be
04. My Thought Of You
05. Sahara
06. Teva
07. Guy J & Miriam Vaga - No Under But You
08. Heliscope
09. Personal Haze
10. I Lost My Head
11. Azimuth

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AR aka Anhell said...

execellent mate!!! this is an invaluable gift!

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-up? Atleast the part 4 for FLAC? It's the last part I need :)

Anonymous said...

Links not working :(

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