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Burial – Street Halo

Artist: Burial
Album: Street Halo
Label: Hyperdub
Catalog#: HDB013
Release date: 28 Mar 2011
Genre: Dubstep
Quality: 320kbps

"On a micro level, the four-to-the-floor bounce of the title track is the furthest removed from the music that has preceded it. "Street Halo" is (naturally) baked with static and melancholy, although the rolling synthesis around the bassline and momentary pause for impact prior to the kick's introduction suggests dancefloor considerations. "NYC" on the other hand, could have stood tall among the most pensive numbers on Burial and Untrue, its mass of swirling strings and patient garage beat evoking longing in London. "Stolen Dog" splits the difference by introducing a lick of synth melody and sharpening up the drums. Perhaps Burial's most heavily reproduced production attribute—pitch-bent vocals—feature often, chiming in around the upper octaves and conversing in their own indecipherable tongue."

01. Burial - Street Halo
02. Burial - NYC
03. Burial - Stolen Dog / FileSonic
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