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Henry Saiz - Balance 019 (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Henry Saiz
Album: Balance 019
Label: Balance Music
Catalog#: BAL003CD .nfo
Genre: Progressive House, Techno
Release date: 10 Jun 2011
Quality: 320kbs mp3 / FLAC (Lossless Audio)

"Though a relative newcomer to the scene, having made his recording debut in 2006, Saiz established a name for himself with 12-inches on Renaissance and remixes on Bedrock and Global Underground. Balance 19 is his first commercial mix, and manages to be both backward-leaning and forward-thinking: though it features all new material, the collection bears a theme of nostalgia. Saiz says one of the most important aspects of music is its "evocative power to send you back to your childhood or to a specific moment of your life," and he tries to create this experience by using old vinyl and cassettes to create a lo-fi aural feel, especially on the first disc. The second half is more beat-driven, tech house fare, but still follows this basic concept.

01. Henry Saiz - Taped Memories, Voice Notes, Still Moments, Through An Old Radio In A Ghostly...
02. Tyrane - King Of The Invisible Land (Henry Saiz's We Are The Music Makers 303 Remix)
03. Hal Incandenza - Mystical Tree
04. Henry Saiz - 1981
05. Jesse Somfay & Henry Saiz - Honey Wine
06. Hal Incandenza - Little Mountains (Henry Saiz High-End Rework)
07. Spada - Onice
08. Henry Saiz - Lady In The Mirror (Mediterranean Haunted Beach Version)
09. Cora Novoa & Spaceman - Black Heart (Henry Saiz's 95 Cassette Rework)
10. Kitkaliitto - Letting Go (Henry Saiz RnB Added Version)
11. Esperanza - Ink
12. Henry Saiz - Eterno Retorno (90's Acid Trance Version)
13. Henry Saiz - Interlude
14. Pional & Henry Saiz - Uroboros

01. Calypso Synth Ensemble - Gaia
02. Armed - Caminando Sobre La Superficie Del Sol
03. Henry Saiz - Vargtimmen
04. Eelke Kleijn - Lone Ranger (Henry Saiz Ocean Drive Remix)
05. Mono Electric Orchestra - Indifference (Henry Saiz Quetzalli Rework)
06. Charles Gudagafva - Tango Hej Da
07. Spada & Henry Saiz - Gloom
08. Spada & Henry Saiz - Zen Boat
09. Ricardo Tobar - Together
10. Amyn - Elle (Henry Saiz Balance Edit)
11. Solar Sailor - Horizons
12. Marc Marzenit & Henry Saiz - Radiance (Balance Version)
13. Liz Cirelli & Minski - Trip Of The Dolphin
14. Okain - Thank You, Come Again (Live Version)
15. Simon Garcia - If This World Were Dub
16. Henry Saiz feat. Anneke Van Giersbergen - Come Wander With Me
17. Sistema - Nodo 6 (Henry Saiz Balance Rework)

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File format: FLAC (audiocheker)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this one in flac! excellent mix, I love the style and the music contained in this comp.
Lately, the Balance series are getting some really good stuff.

Anonymous said...

thanks man! balance rule, flac rule, you rule! :)

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