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Lawrence - Timeless (FLAC+MP3)

Artist: Lawrence
Album: Timeless
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Genre: Techno, Minimal, Tech House
Release date: 19 Aug 2011
Quality: 320kbps / FLAC with CUE

"Through his dozens of records and his central role in Dial, the influential Hamburg label, Lawrence has helped define the sound of contemporary deep house. He's long been an in-demand DJ as well, but aside from a freebie that came with a 2006 issue of Groove, Timeless will be his first official mix CD. By the looks of the tracklist, it seems he stayed true to his trademark style, mixing up classics by Plaid, Soul Capsule and Chez Damier with Ron Trent and Stacey Pullen, plus a few selections from fellow Hamburgers like RVDS, Smallpeople and Christopher Rau. The release will mark his debut on Cocoon."

01. Lawrence - Floating
02. Melchior Productions - Zukunft in Englisch
03. Chez Damier, Ron Trent, Stacy Pullen - Forever Monna
04. Soul Capsule - Overcome
05. Smallpeople & Rau - Life Aquatic
06. Schatrax - Overcome
07. RVDS - Another Track
08. Morphosis - Silent Screamer
09. Aril Brikha - On & On
10. Delano Smith - My Life
11. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective - Ambo
12. Isolée - Thirteen Times An Hour
13. Pigon - Koto
14. Mike Dehnert - Beatmatching
15. Robert Hood - The Realm
16. Roman Flügel - Brian Le Bon
17. Plaid - OI

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File format: FLAC
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Anonymous said...

Where's the .CUE file?

Deep and Beat said...

Maybe later.

Anonymous said...

There's no CUE file.
But do you know the word "THANK YOU"?

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