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Maurizio - M-Series

Artist: Maurizio
Album: M-Series
Label: Maurizio
Catalog#: MCD
Release date: 2003 (1997)
Genre: Dub Techno, Minimal
Quality: 320kbps

Probably one of the best and certainly most influential techno producers of the 1990s. Unfortunately, Maurizio's style led to a lot of clones and sub-par producers jumping on the dubby tech-house bandwagon in the early 2000s. No matter, the original sound from the master shines through even today. Deep sub-bass, static, a steady house tempo 4/4 kick, and those hypnotic dub effects make for some great listening. There is a distinct emotional resonance and timelessness to these tracks that is sorely lacking in a lot of the nth generation dub tech clones. Probably because they are using cheap software presets while Maurizio was building his sound the hard way with outboard equipment. At the time, I don't think there was anyone out there who thought of combining techno with 70s Jamaican dub music. For that alone, Maurizio deserves a place in the techno history books. If you are serious about techno music, this is an absolute must have. I really can't recommend it enough.

01. Maurizio - M6 (Edit)
02. Maurizio - M7 (Edit)
03. Maurizio - M4 (Original 12")
04. Maurizio - M5 (Edit)
05. Maurizio - Domina (Edit)
06. Maurizio - M4 (Edit)
07. Maurizio - M7 (Unreleased Mix)
08. Maurizio - M4.5 (Edit)
09. Maurizio - M6 (Edit)

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