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Cio D'or - Die Faser

Artist: Cio D'or
Album: Die Faser
Label: Prologue
Catalog#: PRGDIGLP001
Genre: Abstract, Techno, Dub Techno, Minimal
Release date: 27 Nov 2009
Quality: 320kbs mp3

01.Zellulose Wind
02. Goldbrokat
03. Mohair (The True Blue)
04. Angora (Mystic)
05. Brokat
06. Organza (Transparent Dub)
07. Seide (Tranensalz)
08. Pailletten
09. Samt
10. Cotton (La Petite Geisha)
11. Wildseide
12. Pailletten (Bonbonus)

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